Idun is a cyborg artist and creative director, often working through border crossing collaborations based on serendipitous encounters during psychogeographical explorations in our invaded spaces and times.

I experience technology as an extension of the body. I identify with the label cyborg for now, on a very basic level, but I think categories will soon be obsolete. Human and cyborg interactions with computers and AI are getting better and more accessible. This is part of my research, together with non-verbal communication where my own body is the lab. The body is a bearer of identity, a place for personal expression and because skins and clothes frame the embodied self they become a visual metaphor for identity. Identity, avatars and skin are themes reoccurring in my works, from designing fashion/wearables like masks, to modifications of my skin. I work with all levels of skin; body, wearables, transportation and architecture. Sometimes I also paint and create sculptures, often mixing materials like yarn and electronics.

Game design, film directing, performance and immersive environments are often merged in the experiences I create. City planning/Urban cultural planning is also part of my work as an artist and curator, and I run The Collaboratory, a lab and collective strengthening artists, providing shared resources and new job ops. Creature-centric and Playcentric perspectives, STEAM education, and diversity and inclusion are important aspects in the Collaboratory platform.

Other than academic credits in fine arts, film, transmedia, cognitive sciences, etc. I have MAs in curating and archaeology. I curate labs, museum and gallery exhibitions, festivals like Electrodome and founded Swedens first and only game gallery, Epic Unidragon.

CV, academic transcripts and a broader portfolio is available at