Idun is a cyborg artist and creative director, often working through border crossing collaborations based on serendipitous encounters during psychogeographical explorations in our invaded spaces and times. All my actions are grounded in a freedom fight and a peaceful force that never rests. I experience technology as an extension of the body in some cases, as fashion, as skin, as a daily tool /material, everything is technologies in a sense, or simply put, tech are tools for freedom, if used/designed right. I identify with the label cyborg for now, on a very basic level, but categories will soon be obsolete. My philosophical view of the cyborg is the one of the rebel, taking power of tech and its own body. Sometimes I use irony, the way a neurodiverse understands irony, and often my observations arrive after my actions due to a certain lack of risk management or fear. Which is why I can suddenly have a piercing in my body before I fully process my deep dislike of needles and the feeling of something piercing my skin. Why I brought fire into my dance practice. Or learned to tattoo and brand my skin by myself. Taking and letting go of control when I choose to. Or curiosity is just stronger than fear and pain. It is a powerplay. Human and cyborg interactions with computers and AI are getting better and more accessible. This is part of my research, together with non-verbal communication where my own body is the lab. The body is a bearer of identity, a place for personal expression and because skins and clothes frame the embodied self they become a visual metaphor for identity. Identity, avatars and skin are themes recurring in my works, from designing fashion/wearables like masks, to modifications of my skin. I work with all levels of skin; body, wearables, transportation and architecture. Sometimes I also paint and create sculptures, often mixing materials like yarn and electronics, live performance and video documentation. Game design, film directing and immersive environments are often merged in the experiences I create. City planning/Urban cultural planning is also part of my work as an artist and curator. I run The Collaboratory, a lab and collective strengthening artists and unheard voices, providing shared resources and new job ops. Creature-centric and Playcentric perspectives, STEAM education, and diversity and inclusion are important aspects in the Collaboratory platform and my work in general. Where we have privilege it is our duty to share it with those who do not, otherwise we are not worthy of being on this planet. Other than academic credits in fine arts, film, transmedia, cognitive sciences, etc. I have MAs in curating and archaeology. I curate labs, museum and gallery exhibitions, festivals like Electrodome, and founded Swedens first and so far only game gallery, Epic Unidragon. CV, academic transcripts and a work portfolio is available at