Cyborg Art

NFC implant in a cyborg heart tattoo linking to an ultrasonic video of my heart and countdown of my heartbeats. A non-verbal communication alternative to show emotion as technology can bring people closer. Diversity and inclusion is important as everyone does not express emotions like love or pain verbally.
Cyborg computer interface and non-verbal communication research. Above is a music instrument played with NFC/RFID implants in my hands and chest. Have played at Slush Music, EU Commission and several tech events. Video of first test Interview (Berlin, German/English)
Scarifications/brandings/ink, cyborg implants. Magnet being inserted in left hand.

Performance, Dance & Circus

IDUN Collaboration with performance artist Kira O’Reilly, Kilpisjarvi 2013. Published by Marina Abramovic in Harpers Bazaar  dalidada_idun Collaboration with artist Christine Bellerose, Montreal 2014. ID_bw_sc Performance at Figment art festival New York 2010, collaborating with Ida Long and Lisa Marklund.
Performing in The Spiral TV series and LARP 2011 and 2012. Case study about the production. 531524_10151138466695820_2146285906_n IMG_1306 The character was active on social media for almost a year, the line between reality and fiction was interesting to experience when “playing yourself” in a fictive world with original works.
Documentary by MIT Media Lab
Articles in Wired DCIM100GOPROG0110059. 13320853_1738476339752431_9211143984896636809_o 13308730_1738476776419054_6180266938470667859_o IMG_1983

Photos: J. Isdrake & P. Kolski

Music Tech Fest Berlin 2016, leading the Performance Lab together with Peter Kirn. A group of artists, neuroscientists, technicians, MIT Media Lab fellows, designers and hackers worked together on a series of innovations during one week. Together the teams created performances on the theme technology as extension of the body. Mind controlled costumes, light designs and 3D projections, pulse and sensor controlled music, interactive 3D printed nails. IMG_1893 Music Tech Fest Helsinki 2017, I directed the Performance Lab and two shows for Slush Music and Slush. Collaboration with Ocean Protocol for blockchain prototype, registering all artists contributions.

Dance performance and photo shoot New York 2010. dans_nyc_jasmine3 soft_rains Audiovisual work and performance with non-newtonian fluid.
Performance extensions of body, costumes and stage, for example fibre optic hair, sensor controlled costumes and body implants. IMG_1074
GYDJA Circus act with projections on a cyclorama screen in a film studio, controlled by dance, and LED costume programmed to match the theme. gydja_gotaplatsen_l Circus shows with artists and projection mapping
Fire performance Designs and shows for various venues, concerts and galleries.

Electronic Arts

AXION Interactive documentary, game and installation initiated at CERN. Can be played with an EEG sensor for a customised experience. Winner of several festivals.
NEURO COMPOSING Audio works based on neuron signals. P18 Tempo Film Festival, radio short docs finalist, Talking to Neurons, 2011
GREGOR Sculpture and 8-bit game, collaboration with Bitslap. Selected for IndieCade Los Angeles 2015. Play it at Itch gregor_indiec
MOMO Game in development, collaboration with Theo Gabay. korridorclowndocka Paintings by Anders Muammar.
HEART Currently an audiovisual experience, also an arcade game in progress based on cyborg implants. SPINE Game installation in a container, work in progress. Graffiti by Sagie, photo by Filip Lyman. The placement and intention of this spine in the city centre is also to be a statement against the spinelessness many politicians and employees at state-funded organisations and institutes have demonstrated in Gothenburg. 13217623_10153647126672781_2791755208776357868_o
IDUN Next generation mask prototype for the Idun psychogeographic game experiment. Thanks Lynn, and thanks Jessica Blanchet and Spikenzielabs for collaborating and advising. Idun_nextgen3 bild 2
CORRIDORS OF TIME Game and installation by our collective Divein. One player experience with two screens; a manual and a control center. Play it at Itch 12807197_10153357093685868_854211294_n
FIGHT FIRE WITH ICE VR game prototype made at Global Game Jam 2016. firedemon SIKU – The Last Iceberg Interactive audiovisual experience by Synthestruct, Ida Long & Idun. Premiering spring 2017 at Museum of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Film & Video Art

Idun web series and collaboration with parkour artist Nicholas Maurer, New York 2013.
Idun video shoot at CERN, Geneva 2014.
Idun web series, musicvideo and collaboration with dancer and singer Ida Long, New York 2010. Music video for Ida Long – Doll remix
Video art at Shanghai Film Festival elmur_net_frontpage_IC Shanghai elmur_net_artist_list_IC Shanghai
TIME Film/Music video with Red Line 12am by Marconi Union.
Rite de passage. Audiovisual works and psychogeographic walks for the Älvsnabben exhibition at the Maritime Museum in Gothenburg, winner of Guldrummet.
Idun web series shoot at Art Dubai 2013.
Brainfuck, winner experimental shorts at Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2012 and selected for Dragon Award New Talent at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2012.
Reconstructing Acconci’s Following piece, 2010.
Parkour Documentary
Performance / Video/ Audio / Non-Newtonian fluid installation
The Watcher (Väktaren). Swedish drama, currently in post-production.
Filmed in Hong Kong and Tokyo for a transmedia project, in pre-production.
Filmed at Sealand.

Bioart, public art, urbanism and architecture

Bergsjön Public, Art Marathon DSC_0199 DSC_0143 Urban planning and architect workshop at Frihamnen with Raumlabor Berlinfrihamnen frihamnen2 kopia

Field_Notes – Deep Time September 2013, a group of Finnish and international artists, scientist and practitioners met for “Field_Notes – Deep Time”, an art&science field laboratory at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in Lapland, organised by the Finnish Society of Bioart.

kilpis_amanda Deep Time / Deep Futures – Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. Symposium on artistic responses to the dichotomy between human time-perception and time in biological, environmental, and geological processes, within which we are embedded. 1374038_10151684890341966_1715643403_n

The Common Roof: Göteborgs Kollektiva Hus

Workshop at Röda sten led by artist and architect Marjetica Potrč, exploring the crossing of art, activism and urbanism. Through participatory design a group of artists were invited to build a house. The exhibition was then open for any visitor to continue building. IMG_2111
IMG_9610IMG_9314 Future City Lab, citizen driven city planning project curated by the Collaboratory community. IMG_9331 FutureCityLab Urban hacks at DIY days, with Rotten Apple, New York. 10 installations along 5th Ave.  Photo by Lorri Hopping.


Light sculptures/video



Photos at the Art takes Times Square exhibition and book, New York. Self portraits1 hunger2 raven Breson remakeRemake of Breson Early studies, analog photographyEn av mina första analoga bilder analog Student exhibition at the University of Photography utst 19 20 21 Just do itmetalnikeheaven
Gothenburg, selected for Planket and other smaller exhibitions. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Foto, på Järntorget KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA finalboss pipes New_Yorkgogirl arkeo2 sealand1 betongkorp_l  
People at work nanci john_ellis DSC_0192 DSC_0061 milla jakkin5 jakkin3 jakkin2 15 14 DSC_0062 KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA